• Knee Pull - Walk 10 yards pulling your knee up to your stomach, alternating legs as you go.
  • A-skips - Skip 10 yards with high knees.
  • High knees - Jog 10 yards lifting your knees up so your upper leg is parallel with the ground.
  • Lateral shuffle - Shuffle sideways 10 yards keeping your back flat and head up.
  • Carioca - Cross legs and twist torso for 10 yards making sure your knees cross your body.
  • Back pedal - Run backward for 10 yards with short, quick steps.
  • Run back - Run backward for 10 yards with longer strides with big kickback.
  • Toe touch - Jog 10 yards bringing straight leg up and touching your toes, focusing on bringing your foot to hand.
  • Low sweep - Walk 10 yards bending over and sweeping your arms from back to front, stretching your hamstrings.
  • Forward leg swing - Lift and swing your leg forward keeping leg as staright as possible for 10 reps each leg. Use post or partner for stability.
  • — Est. MMVI —